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About GNectar Publishing

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Founded in 2010, GNectar Publishing (formerly Keystrokes 24/7), our experience in several industries includes healthcare information administration and technology, holistic care, skincare, bath and body products, food, music, & books - allows us to provide clear, logical, attainable solutions for the client with a personal touch. Although we are a small company, we provide a noticeable global imprint with verifiable outcomes.

We focus on creatives and professionals with editing/proofreading, copywriting, creative writing, consulting, and desktop publishing; we love creating strategies, content, and publishing!

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Creative. Publishing. Content. Strategy.

Office docs, websites, books, manuscripts, and one sheet/speaker sheet creation.

Marketing Promo Strategy

Every business, product, service is unique, so is your marketing promo strategy.

Author Branding

Youtube, Facebook, & LinkedIn Banners.

Resource Kit

Want a resource kit without our assistance? We offer custom resource kits for $8.

We'll assist you in connecting with your audience with custom reels, book flyers, social media flyers and evergreen content!

We'll help you strategize your ideas, business and books with the best people and resources to get you started on your journey! Click HERE for packages!

“We Are Purpose Driven”

Harness the power of words - Publish your story today! We give birth to the unique, the forgotten, the twisted, and the elevated.

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Get your story out there with professional publishing services. From one creative to another, we understand you, so you can feel free to be yourself.

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Educational Book Collection


We are adamant about finding ways to satisfy your needs within a reasonable budget while meeting industry standards. Make Your Ideas Come to Life - Create & Publish Your Content Today.

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Get your story out into the world. Publish with us.

From the United States to the United Emirates, our clients make us proud to be in business!

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need to book talent?

We have partnered with Amnesty Media and now can assist you in booking for your next upcoming event! From booking celebrities, studio sessions, walk throughs, speaking engagements, comedians, public appearances, shows, interviews, performances, and commercials.

North, South, East & West of the Globe!

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Not sure exactly what you may need?

Let’s book a discovery session where we can discuss your ideas and current needs.

From there we can decide what honey you need for your tea!

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